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River Foyle, Ebrington to Gransha

The Waterside Greenway, between Ebrington and Gransha, is a public realm project which provides a “tranquil, traffic-free path for walkers and cyclists”.

Those following the gentle 3-kilometre route walk along a smooth surfaced pathway which is well-lit and completely off-road, and hugs the River Foyle’s shoreline closely on one side. The Belfast to Derry~Londonderry rail track runs along the other side.

The dedicated walking and cycling route was completed in three phases and now links Ebrington Square and the adjacent riverside St. Columb’s Park with the Gransha area, passing by the iconic Peace Bridge and beneath the busy Foyle Bridge. With a length of 234 metres, the bridge’s central cantilever span is the longest in Ireland.

The walk has proved very popular with users and has been incorporated into the route of the city’s Half Marathon.

Walkers are never very far from the river, so close-up views of wading birds and ducks are commonplace. You might even notice a seal reclining on its back in the water and staring back at you!

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