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River Foyle, City to Newbuildings

The 5-kilometre walk from Derry-Londonderry to Newbuildings, along the eastern bank of the River Foyle, is popular with joggers who like to work up a sweat but it’s probably best enjoyed at a more sedate pace.

Our journey begins just upstream from Craigavon Bridge, and down below the old Foyle Fisheries Building – Loughs Agency’s predecessor (note the nearby ice house which is a building of some historical significance).

The course is very level throughout its full length, making it easy for walkers to absorb the stunning views across the river where the landscape switches quickly between urban and rural. In good weather, the view of Craigavon Bridge, in particular on the return Newbuildings to Derry-Londonderry leg, can be quite breath-taking.

The walk is undertaken along a path which runs the whole way to Newbuildings, passing Loughs Agency’s headquarters and the Prehen Boathouse, and offers an unrivalled view of the river rolling by.

Walkers may at some point wish to consider a visit to Prehen Wood – an ancient woodland on the other side of the main Derry-Londonderry to Strabane road, especially in late spring or early summer when native bluebells can be seen in their full glory. The wood has abundant flora and fauna, and way-marked walks.

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