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Ness Woods

Ness Woods is one of three woodlands – the others are Ervey Wood and Burntollet Wood – which lie within the 55 hectares of forested countryside that comprise Ness Country Park.

Begin your walk at the Ness Wood Visitor Centre car park. Cross Shane’s Bridge over the Burntollet River, turn south and follow the path past Ness waterfall (from ‘an eas’, gaelic for ‘the waterfall’). This gives the wood its name and tumbles in two stages into an exquisite plunge pool.

The path rises and falls in places and will take you through Ness Woods’ 20 hectares of scenic mature woodland, climbing wooden steps and crossing footbridges. As you’d expect in an Area of Special Scientific Interest, there’s plenty of wildlife and birdlife, as well as pondlife, to enjoy. There’s also an expansive meadow which can be accessed by those with limited mobility.

For the Ervey Wood and Burntollet Wood sections of the walk, you should leave from the Visitor Centre and follow the way-markers. The Visitor Centre features an exhibition on woodland biodiversity.

The park has plenty of picnic tables where walkers can snack and relax while enjoying the scenic surroundings. There are three carparks, and ample signposts and information boards to add to the visitor experience.

Bridge over flowing waterfall at Ness Woods

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