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Malin Head

Malin Head was already attracting its fair share of visitors, thanks to its wild beauty and its status as Ireland’s most northerly point, but its selection as a location for the filming of ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ has only added to its popularity. So, too, have recent developments such as the provision of a clifftop path overlooking the peninsula’s famously-rugged coastline, several vehicle passing places and a viewing platform at Banba’s Crown at the very tip of ‘the Head’.

It’s very easy to get here: you simply keep travelling north. The best place to begin your trek is from the car park just below the old Admiralty observation tower where, in Napoleonic times, troops kept watch for signs of a French invasion. The building was later used as a Marconi signalling station. Follow the path westward towards the cliffs and after about 600 metres you will come to Hell’s Hole, a 75-metre long, 30-metres deep chasm that is lashed by waves crashing in from the Atlantic.

Be adventurous and embrace the wildness of this place. Choose your own route and distance, but think ‘Safety’ – the weather can be extreme and the coastline is rugged.

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