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Longfield Embankment

The 5-kilometre route from Donnybrewer Level to Longfield Level, near City of Derry Airport, takes walkers past fields which were first reclaimed from the sea a century and a half ago. Today they constitute some of the best agricultural land in Northern Ireland.

The Station Road at Donnybrewer Level, off the main Derry to Limavady Road, is a good place to start. There is ample parking space where the road meets the sea-wall. The route proceeds north-east, along a sound, flat but unsurfaced path. The track runs between the sea wall, or dyke, to the left and the lagoons which collect water drained from the flatlands.

These ‘ponds’ and fields have become sanctuaries for a wide variety of birdlife. Geese and swans can be plentiful here, along with herons, moorhens, ducks, coots and gulls.

The route ends at Longfield Level, where walkers can cross the sea-wall onto the shore for a wonderful view of Longfield bank – a nineteenth century land reclamation project – which arcs west and then north into Lough Foyle. Oystercatchers and herons are a common sight along with other wading birds. The mudflats have been designated an Area of Special Scientific Interest.


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