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Kinnagoe Beach

Kinnagoe Bay in Inishowen is a remote and stunningly beautiful beach, famed as much for its scenery as for being the location of the wreck of a Spanish Armada ship. It is situated on the east coast of the Inishowen peninsula, 4km from the fishing port of Greencastle.

The small enclosed beach lies at the base of a steep hillside covered in low-growing, mature coastal vegetation. A plaque erected at the top of the hill commemorates the sinking of the huge Armada ship with the epitaph, ‘Here in Kinnagoe Bay on September 16th 1588 the merchant ship ‘La Trinidad Valencera’ of the Spanish Armada, broke her back and fell apart.’

Divers from the City of Derry Sub-Aqua Club discovered the wreck of La Trinidad Valencera in 1971. Artefacts recovered from it are on display in Derry’s Tower Museum.

The beach is approached by a steep narrow twisting road, providing breathtaking views of the bay below. Cars may pass on the road but it’s unsuitable for coaches. A small car park at the beach, which is a favourite for walkers and swimmers, can get busy during the summer.

Apart from the carpark, there are no other facilities at Kinnagoe Bay but the quality of the scenery and its clear, calm waters make it well worth a visit.

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