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Camowen River

Foyle Catchment | Camowen River

Season: 1st April – 20th October

The River Camowen is a medium sized river (5-20 metres width) that has a good salmon run – grilse and summer salmon from late June, depending on seasonal flows. The Cloghfin is a tributary of the Camowen which runs through the town of Beragh and has excellent trout fishing for several miles upstream of its confluence with the Camowen. These rivers meander through lush pasture for most of their length. Wading is relatively easy as the bed is mainly gravel with just the occasional larger rock.

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Species: -Salmon
-Brown Trout
Best Times: July – October (Salmon)
April – October (Trout)
Methods: -Fly
Best Salmon Flies: -Wye Bug
-Currys Red
-Gold Shrimp
-Apache Bug
Best Trout Flies: -Large Dark Olive
-Iron Blue Dun
-Small Dark Olive
-Klink Hammers

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