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Upgrade to e-licence website

Upgrade to e-licence website

Date: 24/01/2020

Loughs Agency will shortly release an upgrade to our elicensing website.  The upgrade is essential to ensure the system meets GDPR requirements.  However, other improvements have been made based on feedback from anglers.


When the new site goes live, all anglers will need to create a password to access their account.  This is an additional security method to ensure that personal information is kept securely.  Anglers will need a password to access their account on the elicence website. If an angler does not yet have an email linked with their account, they should contact Loughs Agency to update it.


Another change is the catch return section which has been amended to make it more user friendly.  The catch return log has been improved to enable anglers to edit their catch return should they make an error.  Anglers can also copy catch return data for inputting similar multiple catches.   It is hoped that these changes will encourage more anglers to make their catch returns.  To date, for the 2019 season only 488 anglers have made their catch return.  The deadline for returns for the 2019 season is 21st January 2020.


Anglers also fed back to Loughs Agency they would like the ability to print their licence to carry with them when fishing.  This function has been added and the print out includes a QR code that Agency Fishery Officers can scan to quickly access the anglers licence data on the river bank.


Once live, if you have any issues accessing the elicence website, please contact us on Tel: +44 (0) 2871 342100 for assistance.


Following the Government’s advice in relation to COVID-19, Loughs Agency has put in place a number of measures to maximise our capacity to continue to deliver our services as best we can.