Reporting Illegal Fishing

To report illegal fishing activity or pollution, please contact Loughs Agency using our 24-hour response line – Tel: +44 (0) 28 71 342100.

We would be grateful for detailed information about the location, what you saw and when you saw it. Please leave your contact telephone number.

During normal office hours, your call will be answered by Loughs Agency staff. Outside office hours, it will be dealt with through our automated telephone system.

When you are connected to the automatic system, you will be advised to press 1 for emergencies that require immediate attention. You will then be transferred to the duty Inspector.

For non-emergencies, you will asked to press 2 to leave a message which will be picked up the next working day.

If you notice illegal fishing activity within the Foyle or Carlingford catchments, please use the form below to report it to Loughs Agency.

Information received will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.