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Live River Data

The STORM freshwater telemetry programme was developed to enable real time recording of river characteristics. The equipment is used on three rivers within the Foyle catchment: the Roe, the Finn and the Mourne.

You can access the STORM Freshwater Telemetry Programme by clicking this link.

Data recorded includes temperature, depth, pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen levels and cloudiness. These are not only applicable for pollution monitoring and research but are also useful for checking real-time conditions.for recreational activities such as canoeing, rafting or fishing.

The freshwater telemetry programme has several key objectives:

  • to identify potential threats to fish and aquatic ecosystems
  • to inform the public about the quality of the aquatic environment and raise environmental awareness among the public
  • to contribute to policy-making decision
  • to assess the efficacy of pollution control measures
  • to identify trends in pollution and future problems.

The equipment is calibrated on a routine basis. During this time, data may not be available. Calibration addresses fouling by algae or other organisms and helps make our data more accurate.

The STORM programme helps our scientists to understand ecosystems better and to discern links between water quality, biological activity, and stress-induced events. These include fish kills, harmful algae blooms, and instances of low dissolved oxygen.

Continuous monitoring of water quality, using real-time data collection techniques and telemetry, eliminates the need for frequent site visits. It benefits scientists and managers by enabling them to track environmental conditions at any given moment. It allows personnel to respond to sporadic events as they happen. This, in turn, improves planning and decision-making.

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