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Net Count


Date Counted: 1st January 2022

The counter on the Owenkillew at Corrick hosts a 3-channel counter system that covers the entire width of the river at its location.

Below is the net up count for Corrick Counter on the River Owenkillew from 2012 to 2020

Year Net Up Count
2020 3729*
2019 1960*
2017 450*
2016 755*
2015 1211
2014 947
2013 482*

*denotes partial year count

Location of Counter

Site Details - Partial Count

1 Width of River 28.1m
2 Breadth of Channels/Arrays: 22m
a. Channel 1 10m
b. Channel 2 4m
c. Channel 3 8m
3 Electrode Total Length: 70.5m
4 Width Not Covered by Array 0.0m
5 Operational Start Date Jan 1999
6 First Data Set May 1999
7 Camera 1 x Overhead
8 Camera Coverage 1- CH 1 Inside


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