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Net Count


Date Counted: 9th August 2023

The medium-sized Faughan (5-20 meters wide) rises on the flanks of Sawel, the highest of the Sperrin peaks. It makes its way along a scenic valley through the village of Park, flowing northeast by Claudy to Drumahoe where it swings north to enter Lough Foyle. It is a renowned spate river for salmon and sea trout.

The Faughan counter is located in the lower reaches of the river system.

Below is the net up count for Faughan Counter on the River Faughan from 2012 to 2022.

Year Net Up Count
2012 1824
2013 1883
2014 4087
2015 2255
2016 3791
2017 1223
2018 879
2019 3979
2020 4220*
2021 2373**
2022 1559

*Average count for first 4 months of 2020

**Please note that the Faughan counter was not working correctly for the first half of the year so an average count was entered in its place. The figure displayed is the average count plus the actual count for the working months.

Location of Counter

Site Details - Partial Count

1 Width of River at weir during high flow 25m
2 Breadth of Channels/Arrays: 90cm
3 Electrode Total Length: 2.7m
4 Width Not Covered by Array 24.1m
5 Operational Start Date 1996 Logie
6 First Data Set May 1997
7 Camera 1 x Underwater required
8 Lighting Board n/a
9 Camera Coverage In-Channel
10 Required Salmon Upstream every year 800

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

21 April 1926 to 8 September 2022