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Marketing & Promotion

Loughs Agency can assist local providers to market and promote their services and amenities through a range of activities.

Social Media
Loughs Agency’s social media pages reach a massive audience of people who enjoy water-based activities. We can provide guidance on how to improve your social media presence and promote what you do.

Journalist visits
On occassions, Loughs Agency invites journalists to visit the Foyle and Carlingford catchments. They experience first-hand the marine tourism and angling opportunities we offer. Specialist magazines provide coverage of their visits.

Loughs Agency produces printed material such as trails and guides to help locals and visitors enjoy the marine tourism and angling opportunities available. To ensure your details are included, contact Gillian Simpson.

All Loughs Agency promotional material directs people to our website. Ensure your listing is accurate, and upload your events to have them included in our calendar.

Loughs Agency has a database of individuals who have signed up to receive newsletters or ezines. If you have content you would like to see included, please send it to Gillian Simpson.

Promotional shows
Loughs Agency attends a variety of promotional shows, including angling fairs, to market Foyle and Carlingford. If you have material you would like included for  display, please send it to Gillian Simpson or to our head office at Prehen.

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