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Project Videos

Salmon Monitoring

Atlantic salmon are a large focus of SeaMonitor’s work.  In the video below the Loughs Agency’s Dr Caroline Finlay and Dr Diego del Villar explain how and why acoustic telemetry is being used to track this iconic species.  Other project partners studying salmon using the technology are Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute, University of Glasgow and the Marine Institute.

Cetacean Monitoring

Of the twenty-four cetacean species reported in Ireland, ten species are thought to be present year-round.  In this video, Dr Joanne O’Brien and Morgane Pommier of Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology discuss how the latest in passive acoustic telemetry and collaboration with other projects will assist in improving the knowledge and protection of these vulnerable animals.

Skate Monitoring

Of the species being studied in SeaMonitor, the flapper skate is both the least understood and most endangered.  Dr Amy Garbett from Queen’s University Belfast sheds some light on this fascinating native species and how the project will help better protect them and aid their recovery.

Seal Monitoring

In partnership with the Exploris Centre, Northern Ireland’s only seal rehabilitation centre, SeaMonitor is studying how juvenile harbour seals behave post-release.  In this video University College Cork’s Dr Sam Cox discusses how the project is using the latest in GPS technology to study their movements and survival.

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