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Project Partners

The four year project has been developed jointly by a consortium of nine partners who have their own key expertise on the different aspects of the project. As part of the SeaMonitor project 24 new staff have been recruited across the partnership to deliver on the projects objectives from senior scientists and PhD candidates to administrative and financial posts.  We will continue to update this page as partners continue to recruit and we welcome more members to the team.

Loughs Agency (Lead Partner)
An agency of the Foyle, Carlingford and Irish Lights Commission (FCILC), established as one of the cross-border bodies under the 1998 Good Friday Agreement between the UK and Ireland.  The Agency aims to provide sustainable social, economic and environmental benefits through the effective conservation, management, promotion and development of the fisheries and marine resources of the Foyle and Carlingford Areas.  In its role as lead partner the Agency will co-ordinate the delivery of the main array across the North Channel, the development the five species models and the three management plans as well as the data management.  The Agency will also lead in the salmon fieldwork and research for the Lough Foyle area.

Marine Institute 
The Marine Institute is the Irish national agency for marine research, technology, development and innovation, promoting sustainable development of marine resources.  The Institute’s main role in SeaMonitor is to provide technical support for the deployment and maintenance of acoustic receivers and other monitoring equipment, data acquisition and data analyses.  The Marine Institute will contribute towards the objective of strengthening current information and filling in crucial information gaps on specific areas and habitats of interest across jurisdictions and identify the relative importance of these habitats at the different stages of migration of highly mobile marine species.

Queens University Belfast
Queen’s University Belfast is one of the leading universities in the UK and Ireland and is and a member of the Russell Group of UK research intensive universities. The main role of Queen’s University Belfast in SeaMonitor will be to lead in the fieldwork and research of basking shark and skate in the seas off Ireland, Western Scotland and Northern Ireland. [add QUB staff photos/bios]

Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI)
AFBI carries out high technology R&D, statutory, analytical & diagnostic testing and consultancy work for government and commercial companies globally. Fisheries and Aquatic Ecosystems Branch provides research, monitoring and technology transfer in support of evidence-based sustainable management of freshwater fisheries and marine resources in Northern Ireland. AFBI is a Non-Departmental Public Body sponsored by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs.  AFBI’s main role in SeaMonitor will be to lead on the salmon fieldwork and research in the River Bush area of Northern Ireland.

University of Glasgow 
Founded in 1451, the University of Glasgow is the fourth oldest university in the English-speaking world and is a member of the prestigious Russell Group of leading UK research universities.  As the SeaMonitor’s only Scottish partner, the University’s role in SeaMonitor is to provide a lead role in the salmon research elements in the River Clyde area of Western Scotland.

University College Cork 
University College Cork is a constituent university of the National University of Ireland and is located in the city of Cork. UCC’s main role in SeaMonitor is to provide a lead role in the seal fieldwork and research elements.

Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology 
Founded in 1972 as the Regional Technical College in Galway, the Institute has expanded to five locations in the west of Ireland.  The Marine and Freshwater Research Centre (MFRC) at the Institute is a dynamic group working to enhance the management of marine and freshwater ecosystems worldwide.  As part of the SeaMonitor project the Institute will carry out acoustic monitoring for cetaceans.

Ocean Tracking Network – Dalhousie University 
OTN’s mission is to inform the sustainable management and stewardship of aquatic animals by providing knowledge on their movements, habitats and survival in the face of changing global environments. As part of the SeaMonitor Project the OTN are providing invaluable technical advice, equipment and support in setting up and testing the array.

University of California Davis 
UC Davis is a public institution, land-grant university and pioneer in interdisciplinary problem-solving. Its four colleges, five professional schools, more than 100 academic majors and 86 graduate programs make it the most comprehensive of all the University of California campuses. UC Davis is providing invaluable technical advice, equipment and research assistance in setting up and testing the array.


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