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Science Strategy

Objective of Loughs Agency’s Science Strategic Plan

The plan is designed to support the delivery of Loughs Agency functions by gathering scientific data, conducting research and monitoring. The data will underpin any policy and management decisions the Agency makes up to 2021. We aim to place the Agency at the forefront of scientific excellence, and to share our information with the wider public.

What will the Strategic Plan do?

The plan will:

  • outline relevant legislation and primary policy needs within Loughs Agency – related to conservation, protection and development of the Foyle and Carlingford areas’ natural resources
  • develop scientific programmes to facilitate implementation of these while identifying knowledge gaps
  • describe delivery mechanisms for scientific data, research, monitoring, and advice
  • produce integrated action plans which will be reviewed every three years.

The Plan will operate within the context of wider EU legislation and national policy objectives, and provides an overarching structure to all our scientific work.

You can view the Agency’s Science Strategic Plan here.


Following the Government’s advice in relation to COVID-19, Loughs Agency has put in place a number of measures to maximise our capacity to continue to deliver our services as best we can.