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Permit for Fish Movement

Article 69 of the Foyle Fisheries Act sets out at section 2 the requirements to obtain permission from the Foyle Carlingford and Irish Lights Commission (hereinafter referred to as Loughs Agency) to move fish within and into the waters of the Foyle and Carlingford area.

Whilst the Foyle Fisheries Acts originally applied this only to salmon and trout, the Foyle Area (Stocking of Rivers) Regulations 1967 extends that power to all other fish including all coarse fish and rainbow trout. Therefore, any physical movement of fish within and into the waters of the Foyle and Carlingford area require a permit to be issued by Loughs Agency.

Every fish movement must be done with the express permission of the Loughs Agency, derived from the application form below.

Loughs Agency will additionally require:

  • Details of onsite containment methods including pictures of any screens to be supplied annually or if there are any on site changes.
  • Copies of onsite biosecurity protocols and invasive species management protocols;
  • Annual certification of fish health or, if supplier changes, certification from the new supplier.

Failure to comply may lead to proceedings under this Regulation and associated penalties as per Section 68 of the primary legislation.

Interpretation section of the Foyle Fisheries Act

Where definition of rivers under Section 2 of the 1952 Foyle Fisheries Act is; “river” includes a branch of a river and any stream, lake, estuary or watercourse;

Please click here to download the application form.

Notification of proposed fish movement

Movement type:


NOTE: All imports must be accompanied by the appropriate documentation from the exporting authority.

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