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Roads and Quarries

Loughs Agency provides comments on proposed road scheme developments within the Foyle and Carlingford areas. These include proposals for the upgraded A5 and A6 roads, the Newry bypass and the N15 road realignment project at Ballybofey. It is important to assess the need for temporary and/or permanent culverts at water crossings along the route. It’s also necessary to ensure adequate pollution prevention measures are in place to deal with oil and fuel residues close to watercourses.

The extraction of aggregates such as rock, sand and gravel can lead to increased levels of suspended solids in nearby watercourses. Furthermore, the removal of gravel from the riverbed in sensitive areas can destroy spawning and nursery habitats. The geology of the Foyle area means there are sufficient deposits of sand and gravel available for extractive industries such as mining, quarrying and dredging. Loughs Agency uses the planning consultation process to highlight concerns over water quality and the need for appropriate monitoring near aggregate operation plants.

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