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Carpet Sea Squirt

Image Credit: CCW

Status: Established

Habitat: Marine  

Threat: Habitat alteration


  • irregular lobes that can be cylindrical and rope-like, flat, bulbous or branching, and reaching up to 1m long
  • translucent, with darkish leaf-like veins with pores
  • firm, smooth texture
  • white, cream or brown in colour.


  • immobile filter feeding, tube-like invertebrates that occur in colonies
  • known for overgrowing and swamping other species and for covering fish spawning grounds, aquaculture cages, vessel hulls and other equipment.


  • its growth could threaten our fishing and aquaculture industry, and the conservation of native marine habitats
  • continued growth could cost mussel farming an estimated £1.3m – £6.8m over next 10 years.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

21 April 1926 to 8 September 2022