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Tree Planting

Native tree planting is one of the best ways of improving land and aquatic habitats. Sadly, our local areas have significantly less native tree cover than in the past.

Tree planting can deliver many benefits:

  • root systems stabilise uplands and reduce the risk of landslides
  • rainfall is intercepted, flood flows are slowed and flood damage is reduced
  • riverside planting keeps rivers cool and protects salmon and trout during hot droughts
  • debris from fallen trees can protect against bank erosion, scour and clean gravels, and provide cover and food for fish and invertebrates.

Loughs Agency has already conducted several large-scale, native tree planting projects in the Foyle and Carlingford areas, and more are planned. Thousands of saplings have been planted at the Reelan and Cronamuck Rivers in the Finn catchment, and at the River Roe, the Glenedra River and Burntollet River in the Faughan catchment.

Loughs Agency worked in partnership with the Woodland Trust on the Roe and Faughan projects.

Loughs Agency is always eager to develop collaborative projects with local partners. If you belong to an organisation which is interested in protecting and improving local aquatic habitats, please contact


Following the Government’s advice in relation to COVID-19, Loughs Agency has put in place a number of measures to maximise our capacity to continue to deliver our services as best we can.