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Habitat Enhancement

Camus Burn

The Camus Burn is one of several small tributaries of the River Dennet. The catchment held good sea trout populations in the past but numbers have been declining across the Foyle area for some time.

In order to protect sea trout populations, Loughs Agency is targeting known spawning areas for habitat improvement.

Measures to improve the habitat at Camus Burn include:

  • erecting a fence between the water and adjacent land to keep livestock out
  • installing a bridge for moving stock and farm plant
  • placing low wooden groynes in the stream to vary water depths and sediment
  • bringing in suitable spawning gravel and nursery stone
  • installing pasture pumps to provide water for stock.

The local landowner helped the project by agreeing to the work and allowing regular access to the site.

To find out more about the Camus Burn improvements, see the video below:

Loughs Agency is always eager to develop collaborative projects with local partners. If you belong to an organisation which is interested in protecting and improving local aquatic habitats, please contact

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