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Streamkeepers Programme

Streamkeepers is Loughs Agency’s new and exciting community outreach programme which has been set up to promote the importance of protecting natural resources by encouraging people to get involved with their local waterways.

The programme provides an opportunity for groups of all ages to get together, tidy up and look after a local stream, river or lake. Maintaining clean waterways for our native fish is no easy task. Loughs Agency prides itself on managing one of the most successful salmon fisheries in Western Europe.

Waterway action plans and clean-up projects create valuable positive learning experiences while improving the welfare of the environment and local community.

Loughs Agency provides Streamkeepers groups with a toolkit containing useful information, contacts and checklists to help organise an environmental action event from beginning to end. Loughs Agency will also be providing groups with helpful advice, guidance and necessary equipment such as litter picks, gloves, high visibility vests and rubbish bags.

If your community group is interested in taking part in the Streamkeepers Programme, please complete this expression of interest form.

Please read over the Programme Summary or email the Education team at for more information.

This project is funded by the Reconciliation Fund from the Department of Foreign Affairs.

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