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Salmon Ambassadors Programme

Salmon Ambassadors is an interactive and hands-on learning programme that encourages national/primary school pupils to learn about their local river system. It includes various activities and topics such as salmon life cycles, migration, conservation, preservation, restoration and Loughs Agency’s role in each of these.

This programme was inspired by the International Year of the Salmon, which began in 2019 and continues until 2023. The IYS aims to support research and conservation of the salmon species and their environments throughout the Northern Hemisphere.

Programme Aims

  • To connect school pupils to their local river habitats and use the lifecycle of the Salmon to teach them about the broader themes of biodiversity, ecology and the links between aquatic and terrestrial biodiversity.
  • To inform and educate pupils and teachers within the Foyle and Carlingford catchments on the plight of the Atlantic salmon from local to global level.
  • To create valuable learning experiences both in class and on the banks of the river for participating pupils and school staff.
  • To stimulate thought on the effects our lifestyles have on the local environment and wildlife.
  • To encourage ownership of wild places and wild things so that they can be conserved for future generations.

Download the Teacher Information Pack for more details.

Recruitment for 2024 is now open. If you’re interested in becoming involved in next year’s Salmon Ambassador Programme, please complete the form, here. 


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