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Ambassador Programme – In school delivery

Post-primary schools in the Foyle and Carlingford area are encouraged to discover, explore, and conserve more this year through Loughs Agency’s Ambassador Programme.

Loughs Agency has been running the Ambassador programme for several years, with close to 400 young people graduating. During the programme, young people complete activities that enable them to discover the natural beauty of the local environment while at the same time learning about its social, economic, and environmental value.

In the 2023 programme, we will be delivering outdoor education programmes focused throughout the cross border catchments of Foyle and Carlingford. In each programme, a total of 20 pupils (year 10/2nd year) will be selected to work collectively to learn more about their local waterway.

Our Commitment:

  • To provide a carefully planned and resourced 5-day outdoor education programme that will help young people develop an increased understanding of the importance of our waterways, have new experiences, and become more equipped to make decisions that may affect their future and the environment.
  • To provide all equipment.
  • To support transport costs

School Commitment:

  • To select 20 pupils from year 10/11 (NI) or 2nd /3rd class (Ire).
  • To allow the pupils to participate during school time (5 days consecutive days).
  • Provide at least 1 member of staff (teacher or classroom assistant) to accompany the pupils.
  • To help with communication with the pupils and their parents/guardians.
  • Provide evaluation feedback after the programme. 

Youth Forum: Ambassadors who have previously graduated will have an opportunity to join Loughs Agency Youth Forum. This will be a forum for young people to identify and take action on environmental issues such as climate, invasive species, pollution, etc. The Youth Forum will also participate in training, volunteering and recreational experiences that sustainably utilise the natural resources of the catchments. (This is an option for Ambassadors to progress after the programme. However, it is not mandatory.

The Ambassador programme is a fantastic opportunity for pupils to learn about their local environment outside the classroom through hands-on participative experiences. The experience will enable pupils to gain the John Muir Discovery Award and become citizen scientists. As well as complementing their learning in subjects such as geography and science, the programme will provide the opportunity for friendship and adventure while exploring our surroundings. There will be an opportunity for students to join Loughs Agency Youth Forum upon completing the programme. 

Programme Dates:

  • Monday 25th – Friday 29th September
  • Monday 9th – Friday 13th October
  • Monday 23rd – Friday 27th October / Monday 6th – Friday 10th November

If your school is interested in taking part in the Ambassador programme, please complete the expression of interest form below by 9th September. 

Expression of Interest Form

Email the Education Team at for more information.

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