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Loughs Agency hails US President’s visit to Carlingford

Loughs Agency hails US President’s visit to Carlingford

Date: 14/04/2023

Loughs Agency CEO Sharon McMahon was delighted to see the Carlingford catchment included in US President Joe Biden's visit to Ireland.

Following his arrival in Belfast, Mr Biden then travelled across the border into County Louth, stopping for a tour of King John’s Castle which overlooks the scenic Carlingford Lough.

Sharon McMahon, Loughs Agency CEO, commented: "We were delighted to see President Biden enjoying his visit to Carlingford, an area of outstanding natural beauty and marine resources that offers unique opportunities for visitors to connect with the surroundings.

"As a North South organisation, we are committed to promoting sustainable development while also conserving the natural environment. Beyond the breathtaking views of the lough, Carlingford also boasts beautiful mountain views, stunning valleys, and a wide range of fishing options for a variety of anglers, from trout fishing in the rivers and lakes to sea angling from the shore."

Mrs McMahon added: "Mr Biden's visit is one of positivity and we are confident that it will further enhance Carlingford’s reputation as a popular tourism destination. We look forward to welcoming many more visitors in the near future."

Carlingford is ideally situated on the northeast of the island, just an hour’s drive from both Belfast and Dublin, providing the perfect getaway for visitors from near and far.

Loughs Agency is a North South body established under the 1998 Good Friday Agreement and responsible for the conservation, protection and development of the inland fisheries and marine resources within the Foyle and Carlingford catchments.

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