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Loughs Agency statement on tributary of River Finn

Loughs Agency statement on tributary of River Finn

Date: 13/09/2023

Loughs Agency has released the following statement in relation to a pollution incident in a tributary of the River Finn:

On Tuesday, 12th September, Loughs Agency was alerted to the potential presence of a pollutant into a tributary of the River Finn, allegedly stemming from a commercial premises.

Loughs Agency Fishery Officers immediately initiated an investigation, where they discovered a discharge of deleterious matter had entered the watercourse. Substantial fish mortalities were discovered in the river on Tuesday evening, as well as during searches on the morning of Wednesday, 13th September. Samples were collected from the discharge for analysis.

Loughs Agency has committed significant resources into the clean-up operation, with Fishery Officers actively working to help ensure additional fish mortalities are mitigated as best as possible. We will have resources at the site of the incident until the investigation is complete.

Anyone who discovers a dead fish in the area is asked to leave it and contact Loughs Agency directly on +44 (0) 28 71 342100 to arrange collection with a Fishery Officer.

Loughs Agency has confirmed that a further update will be provided in due course.

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