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Core Values

1. Valuing Individuals
We will continue to employ talented people. As a good employer, we will equip, encourage and develop them to their full potential. We will acknowledge an individual’s contribution to a job well done.

2. Communication
We will meet the communication needs of our internal and external stakeholders by developing a better understanding of their requirements and using the most appropriate tools and resources to deliver timely, accurate and consistent messages.

3. Working Together
We will work together, listen to and support each other, share relevant information and respect different views. We will provide opportunities for everyone to contribute to corporate objectives and to work co-operatively with colleagues at all levels to achieve them. We will value contributions from communities and stakeholders, and make decisions based on public good and sustainability.

4. Professionalism
We will adopt and comply with the best professional standards, practices and methodology and consistently deliver work of the highest quality. We will search continuously for improvements in the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of our work.

5. Integrity
We will observe the highest ethical and personal standards and be honest, objective and transparent in our work.

6. Equality
We will treat each other equally, fairly and justly. We will be unbiased in our work and in our dealings with suppliers of goods and services.

7. Adaptability
Corporately and as individuals we will embrace change through a proactive, flexible and innovative approach to our work.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

21 April 1926 to 8 September 2022