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Exciting project completed thanks to Angling Improvement Fund 2023

Exciting project completed thanks to Angling Improvement Fund 2023

Date: 21/07/2023

A number of projects funded by Loughs Agency’s Angling Improvement Fund 2023, which aims to reinvest in angling-related initiatives that directly benefit the Foyle and Carlingford catchments, have officially commenced.

Angling clubs, fisheries, charities and community organisations were among the groups invited by Loughs Agency to provide project ideas which could help to improve local fish stocks and angling opportunities.

One of the noteworthy projects to be completed from the Angling Improvement Fund 2023 is the Angling Access Improvement Project, in collaboration with the Omagh Anglers Association.

This project entailed the reprofiling of a laneway, as well as the establishment of a carpark and access gates. These improvements will enhance accessibility to the area, and mitigate the safety risks currently associated with anglers having to navigate a busy narrow road.

The work was a joint effort between Loughs Agency and the Omagh Anglers Association, ensuring effective oversight of the project and guaranteeing an abundance of benefits to the local angling community in the area.

This fund is generated by the income from coarse and game fishing licences.

In 2022, over £85k was reinvested in angling-related projects from the initiative.

Figure 1,Laneway to be re-profiled and improved for angler access.

Figure 2, Area that has been agreed by the landowner to be turned into a carpark for up to 7 spaces.

Figure 3, livestock gate to be replaced for angler access.

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