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Requesting Information

As a public body, Loughs Agency operates in an open and transparent manner.  We make information available through a variety of channels including our website which has a large library of publications.

Should you require information that is not already publicly available, you can request it directly from the Agency under the following legislation:

Freedom of Information Act (FOI) – applications for information must be made in writing or by email. Like the other North South bodies we follow a Code of Practice.

Environmental Information Request 2004 (EIR) – applications for information can be in writing or made verbally, by phone or in person.

Data Protection Act 2018 (ROI and NI) – under the Data Protection Acts individuals have a right of access to information held about them by Loughs Agency (this is subject to some exemptions). These requests are known as Subject Access Requests (SARs) and must be submitted in writing. If you want to ask us for information which we may hold about you personally, then this will be dealt with under the Data Protection Acts 2018. You can request that the personal information be amended to reflect a change in your personal circumstances or correct an error in the Agency’s records.

In certain circumstances you may have to pay a fee before the information can be provided.

When requesting information, please include the following details:

  • your name and address (proof of identity is required for a Subject Access Request)
  • the information you would like to access
  • the way you would like to receive the information (e.g. as hard copy, email, etc.)

You can submit FOI, EIR and SAR requests via the contact us form.

The Loughs Agency officer responsible for processing requests is Sean Ashford.

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