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Our workshops focus on getting the pupils engaged in the subject matter. Whether that is dissecting a fish, finding the source of a river on a map or identifying a wading bird.

Fish Dissection

This involves a lesson based around the anatomy and life cycle of one of the various fish found in the Foyle catchment such as Trout and is supplemented by the dissection of a rainbow trout. Not for the faint hearted!

Marine Discovery Tank

This involves a closer look at some of the marine life commonly found in rock pools along our coast. Crabs, starfish, whelks, hermit crabs, oyster, mussel, etc and different types seaweed are investigated with discussions around adaptation, life cycle, food chain and anatomy.

Biodegrading Challenge

Unfortunately, litter is a problem in our rivers. This short workshop investigates how long every day items take to biodegrade. It also brings in the concepts of reduce, reuse, recycle and encourages participates to deal with their waste responsibly


This is an introduction to watching birds along the river bank. Using binoculars and recording their observations, pupils will be able to determine some of the common wetland birds with the assistance of the RSPB Bird Identifier.

Tour of the working building

A behind the scenes tour of the Loughs Agency will look at the conservation and protection work we do. Pupils will see a range of equipment including boats that we use to protect the fishery as well as observe some of the items retrieved from illegal fishing activity. An interesting insight into the work of a conservation agency.

Water Beasts

A river invertebrate (or bug) sample is investigated to identify the range of mini beasts living in the river. The identified creatures are allocated a score out of 10 for their tolerance to water pollution. A few simple calculations can then reveal a water quality score for the river based on the biological findings. A great combination of critters and calculations!

Map Work

Maps provide us with a great overview of the world around us. In this workshop, using large maps, pupils can find their school, community and discover its proximity to the local waterway. They can they trace back from the source to the sea, looking at the tributaries and journey the river makes on its way.

Workshop @ Riverwatch @ School @ Waters Edge
Biodegrading Challenge Y Y
Bird Watching Y Y
Dissection Y Y Y
Tour of the Loughs Agency Y
Marine Discovery Y Y
Map Work Y Y
Water Beasts Y Y Y

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