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Work Placements

Types of Work Placements

The Agency provides work experience and placements to help young people make decisions about their academic and career choices.  We try to facilitate as many requests as possible, however, this is not always possible depending on the level of demand for places in certain disciplines and specialties.

There are a number of routes through which work experience within the Agency can be facilitated. The following is an outline of the different routes on offer.  The list shows currently available programmes, however these may change from time to time. Click here to download full Work Experience/Placements Policy.

(a)     Work experience placements of young people who are in years 11/12 or 13/14 of full time education or are students in further and higher education  

The normal duration for work experience placements for students under 18 years of age is one week.  A reduced placement will be considered if required.

Students wishing to apply for work experience will be required to register with our work experience broker, School Employer Connections.  Further details can be found at

(b)     Unpaid Internships arranged through Colleges or University

An internship is a period of work experience arranged by a university in which the intern will be placed in a Government Department. The period of the placement is likely to mirror a university semester (i.e. 10-12 weeks) and the placement will be in a Department which is providing a function directly related to the nature of the course being provided by the college or university and being undertaken by the student.

Individuals wishing to apply are required to forward an application form and CV to the Agency for review and to assist with the decision on whether or not the request can be facilitated.  Application Form downloadable below.

(c)     Department of Employment and Learning

(i)      Programme Led Apprenticeships

This is a two year programme led by the Department of Employment and Learning (DEL) and which involves work placements of one day a week. The placements are arranged by training suppliers approved by DEL and which requires the training supplier to have adequate insurance which will indemnify their apprentices placed within the Public Sector.

(ii)      Steps to Work

‘Steps to Work’ is the main adult return to work programme for the unemployed and economically inactive in Northern Ireland, replacing the former New Deal programmes. The programme provides a broader range of back to work assistance than previously available under New Deal and is tailored to individual’s needs by identifying and tackling their barriers to work.

(iii)     Graduate Acceleration Programme – GAP

GAP is the Graduate Acceleration Programme run by Business in the Community; it is a work placement programme, lasting up to 26 weeks, in which graduates will complete a project or piece of work and study for a graduate certificate with either Queens or the University of Ulster.

(iiii)    JobBridge – National Internship Scheme (ROI)

JobBridge is a new National Internship Scheme that will provide work experience placements for interns for a 6 or 9 month period.

The aim of the National Internship Scheme is to assist in breaking the cycle where jobseekers are unable to get a job without experience, either as new entrants to the labour market after education or training or as unemployed workers wishing to learn new skills. The scheme will also give people a real opportunity to gain valuable experience to bridge the gap between study and the beginning of their working lives.

Individuals wishing to apply can do so through the relevant programme provider who will then contact the Agency to find out if the request can be facilitated on your behalf.

(e)     Sandwich year or sandwich period placement (i.e. 13/26 weeks)  

The Agency may from time to time (subject to available funding) provide one year sandwich placements for students undertaking relevant degree courses.  These placements will be publicly advertised and the successful students become paid employees for the period of their placement.

Individuals wishing to apply are required to forward an application form and CV to the Agency for review and to assist with the decision on whether or not the request can be facilitated.  Application Form downloadable below.

Click here to download Application Form.

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