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It is crucial that water users consult this section to research tide conditions in advance of venturing on to the waters of the Foyle and Carlingford. Although navigable and normally safe, awareness of tidal conditions in these sea areas will render your day more enjoyable, helping you to avoid unexpectedly “grounding out” at an anchorage or berth or running aground in some of the shallower parts of the loughs!

Twice every twenty four hours the sea washes up the shore before retreating again. This rise and fall of sea level is called the tide and the distance between the lowest point and the highest point reached by the sea is the tidal range.

The tide is influenced by the gravitational influences of the earth, moon and sun. Every two weeks the gravitational influence of the sun and moon reinforce each other to cause a larger than normal rise and fall of the tide – known as “spring tides”. In the weeks between “neap tides” occur, where tidal range is much less than normal. There are two neap and two spring tides each month.

It is believed that “spring” comes from an old word for “to leap up” and neap is from “nip” or an old word for “low”

If you click on the links below they will take show you tides predictions for the next 7 days.

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