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Shellfish Health & Hygiene

Testing the “hygiene” of commercially important shellfish stocks is important both from a public health and an economic perspective. It is in the interests of consumers and producers that the health of shellfish is routinely sampled.

The Loughs Agency collects shellfish samples for the Food Standards Agency Northern Ireland (FSANI), Food Standards Agency Ireland (FSAI) and Sea Fisheries Protection Agency (SFPA) from agreed shellfish production areas on Carlingford Lough and Lough Foyle.

Samples are collected to test for two types of contamination; Biotoxin contamination and E. coli or microbiological contamination. In addition to the shellfish samples, water samples are also collected which detect biotoxin producing phytoplankton in the water column.

The rigorous and routine testing of shellfish hygiene helps to protect the health and interests of the consumer as well as safeguarding the standard of the industry in a competitive market.