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Trout in the Classroom is one of our most popular programmes!

As well as visits to our aquarium and to the waters edge we also make visits to schools. These can be to:

  • deliver a workshop
  • deliver an outreach programme
  • attend a careers event
  • attend science fair event
  • advice on bespoke programmes

Whatever the occassion our education team are here to help!

Whatever the occassion our education team are here to help!

Trout in the Classroom Availability: All year round
Suitable for: Primary & Post Primary (6+ year olds)

The project involves setting up a small hatchery system in a cold dark area of the classroom/school. Pupils maintain and care for 100 tiny trout eggs in the hatchery by maintaining temperature, light and noise levels. They also look at the life cycle of the brown trout and the environmental issues that affect this local species of fish.

Once the 100 eggs hatch, the children can witness the change from eggs to alevin and then fry. Once the eggs have reached the fry stage we can arrange a trip to a local river to release the juvenile trout.

Loughs Agency and Riverwatch staff will visit on several occasions to deliver the hatchery, eggs, check up’s and during the release as well as providing advice and support over the phone and via e-mail.

The project provides an opportunity for children to study life cycles up close and in their own classroom. It also raises their environmental awareness in a very local sense and hopefully develops a respect and ownership of the waterways.

When starting the project the school will receive a pack which is full of information and activities to enable the pupils to get the most out of the project. Many of the activities are optional so that you can select the those that are most appropriate for your pupils age, ability and interests.