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River Study

The River Study involves a trip to sites on a local river exploring the different geographical, historical and biological aspects of the river from source to mouth. We look at human impact from the past and in the present.

River Study Availability: All year round
Suitable for: Primary Post Primary (8+ year olds)

At each site (usually 2 or 3) pupils will make a record of what they find – temperature, dissolved oxygen, PH, depth, width, flow, bed type, temp and (time and weather permitting) a recording of the surrounding land use, vegetation, weather, litter, man-made structures and invertebrate life. Pupils can then use this data to when they return to school to make comparisons between the sites.

The pupils learn a number of techniques used by our own scientific teams when they do survey work in the local region, and so get an insight into the careers of real scientists.

Two of the most popular study sites are:

  • Castle River, Eglinton area (download information pack)
  • Glenmornan River, Artigarvan area (download information pack)