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Rainbow Trout Alert for Faughan and Derg

04 July 2014
Loughs Agency have become increasingly aware that a number of Rainbow Trout have appeared in both the River Faughan and River Derg.

Where the Loughs Agency generally encourages anglers to practice catch and release methodologies, in the case of rainbow trout Loughs Agency would be grateful if angler could do the following:

1. Remove and kill all rainbow trout caught.
2. Note the time, date and place of capture.
3. If possible leave samples of rainbow trout caught into the Loughs Agency Headquarters, Prehen or contact a Fishery Officer and ask him/her to transport these samples to Prehen for further evaluation and analysis.

The pictures and text below highlights the difference between rainbow trout and other trout species prepared by our Biologists.

Rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss and brown trout Salmo trutta are in the same family (the Salmonidae) but are different species. They have the same ancestors but divided into two groups around 15-20 million years ago. Oncorhynchus became isolated in the North Pacific and Salmo in the North Atlantic.

Rainbow Trout can have a pink stripe running down either side of the fish. However rainbow rainbows are often muted in color and thus they sometimes appear more silver than pink. Rainbow Trout do not have leading, white, edges on their Pectoral, Pelvic, and Anal fins and they do not have light colored halos around the dots on their sides. Also, when the pink color is muted, they will often display a faint pattern of diamonds placed adjacent to each other running down each side of their body.

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