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The Loughs Agency has an extensive programme of environmental activities that include:

  • Monitoring, development and improvement of fish stocks
  • Water quality monitoring programmes.
  • Implementation of Fisheries Legislation.
  • Deployment, programming & servicing of automatic samplers.
  • Assessment and inspection of wastewater treatment plants, farm waste facilities and other outfalls affecting the fishery resource.
  • Logging and investigation of all pollution complaints and incidents.
  • Liaison with Consultants in relation to mitigation measures necessary arising from large scale developments.
  • Integration of environmental data into Agency Geographic Information System.
  • The Agency operates a investigation laboratory specifically equipped to deal with water quality monitoring, outine sampling of rivers and lakes for pollution problems.
  • Assessing licence applications made to the Environmental Protection Agency and Local Authorities. Examples of these licences include Integrated Pollution and Prevention Control (IPPC) licences, Waste Management Licences, Local Government (Water Pollution) Act licences. Water Order (Northern Ireland) 1999 consents.
  • Assessing forestry related proposal, e.g. Afforestation applications, Felling Licences and Native Woodland schemes.
  • Assessing Local Authority Development Plans, Strategic Environmental Assessments, Guidelines produced by agencies, which may involve aquatic habitats.
  • Processing of prosecutions and court actions arising from incidents of water pollution and fisheries protection.
  • Increasing awareness of the protection and conservation of fisheries