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Opening Oysters

Here are 6 simple steps to guide you in opening oysters. You’ll need an oyster knife to do this. Oysters can be enjoyed au natural but if you are looking for inspirational recipes then try these from Irish Food Heritage Project Chef Emmett McCourt.

1. Wrap one of your hands in a tea towel and hold the oyster in it, with the flat shell facing up.

2. Push the oyster knife into the hinge (at the narrowest end) and, using some force, wiggle the blade until the hinge gives and you can slide the blade between the shells.

3. Lift the top shell up with the blade and sever the ligament attaching the oyster to the top shell.

4. Remove the top shell.

5. Keeping the bottom shell upright, to avoid losing any of the juices, flip the oyster over.

6. Slide the blade beneath the oyster to loosen it from the shell and pick out any little bits of shell from the juices.