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Monsters of the Deep

Especially for Halloween, the Whale Workshop has arrived at Loughs Agency from Devon for the Monsters of the Deep event.

Life size and life like marine mammals and other creatures form part of the exhibition which looks at some of the local species we can find around our coast.

A big part of the exhibition was the impact marine litter can have on these beautiful beasts.  Visitors are challenged to pick up litter at the coast and to think carefully about what they do with litter they create.

The Sea Deep exhibition is also on site, informing the public about rays and sharks and identifying species based on the mermaids purses.

Gillian Simpson at Loughs Agency said ‘the big attraction is the 15m Blue Whale.  Based on a 1 year old, visitors were amazed at the shear size of the whale – at only half its fully grown size.  Seeing the models really gives visitors an appreciation of how big whales and sharks grow to. ‘

The Monsters of the Deep exhibition runs from 10am to 4pm on 30th and 31st October.  Free Admission.


Blue Whale eye



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