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Ladies Learn to Fish Event (Sat 11th Oct)

07 October 2014
We’re hosting a ‘Ladies Learn to Fish’ event this Saturday (11th Oct 10am-3pm) at Loughs Agency, Prehen, Derry~ Londonderry. The event will enable participants learn to fish safely, legally and with lots of fun thrown in for good measure!

Angling is a healthy outdoor activity which promotes well-being. One thing that stops people taking part is that it is, to some extent, a ‘hidden sport’. Unless you know an angler you can ask or who will take you out, it is difficult to know how to get started. The sessions on Saturday are aimed at any group or individual who want to learn all about angling, from how to set up a rod with the reel and line, to using bait or lures, to hooking and successfully landing fish. At the end you will be able to go fishing and even have confidence to show others how it is done.

These sessions are ‘tailored to fit’ and an opportunity for anyone to try angling, even if it is something you or your group have never thought of trying. Individuals can be catered for by joining in with similar minded people in groups.

The main object though is to have fun while learning about fishing and there will be plenty of actual fishing. This goes for courses too, if you decide to follow-up on your taster session. The sessions are popular and must be booked.

The sessions can lead to full courses if any individual or group wish to have them and may lead to being involved in further Loughs Agency angling promotions like competitions and youth fishing leagues.

The Loughs Agency are running these taster sessions to promote angling in the Foyle And Carlingford catchments as it is one of their objectives to promote the sustainable use of fisheries in complying with their functions – the improvement and development of fisheries for recreational purposes. As a cross-border body their promotion takes place on both sides of the border so groups from anywhere within the Foyle and Carlingford catchments are eligible. As women and youths have been identified as under-represented in the angling sector, interest from these groups is especially welcome.

For more information or to book please contact Gillian Simpson via email or on 02871 342100 or 07736374127.

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