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Habitat Study

This program begins with a trip to Riverwatch to view the eight local habitat displays before commencing on a field trip.

Habitat Study Availability: All year round
Suitable for: Post Primary (11+ year olds)

The program is delivered in a way that will allow pupils to gain an understanding of ecosystems. They will learn about the interdependence of the different species and the relationship between living and non living things. As each habitat is different in its own way they will be able to compare the species that they find and identify characteristics and adaptations that allow the different plants and animals to thrive and survive in their specific habitat.

During the trip to local habitats pupils carry out their own survey of the biological and geographical features within these habitats. The pupils will gain skills in scientific and geographical field studies and have a better understanding of what agencies like the Loughs Agency do and why they do it. Over all we hope the pupils will take away a better appreciation of their natural world and a developing interest in practical and environmental science. In recent years we have seen pupils thoroughly enjoy this experience and at the end of their trip leave with an enthusiasm for learning about the world around them.

This programme can be adapted for all learning needs and various age groups. In Riverwatch we are lucky to have access to high tech monitoring equipment that can further enrich the experience of our groups.

Sites include:

  • Freshwater Lake – Enagh Lough
  • River – Castle River
  • Lough Shore – Longfield Bank