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Game Angling

The pursuit of salmon, trout and sea trout holds an almost venerated place in Irish culture and our waters continue to yield world class fishing for almost unique native wild game fish. Angling for salmon and trout can be experienced in many different ways, and is accessible and reasonably priced in the large number of clean and unspoilt rivers and loughs.

Local knowledge is the first requisite for success in fishing an Irish lough. Both beginners and experienced anglers are strongly advised to hire the services of a local guide for the first few days on a lough. They will know the best flies, appropriate tackle and local fishing lore. Similarly, on salmon and trout rivers, the services of a local guide will ensure that the angler gets the most out of a visit.

While game fish can be caught on all legal methods (eg: worms, spinning, etc), fly fishing is the traditional practice for catching salmon and trout. Great hatches of duckfly, mayfly and sedges are the seasonal triggers for top quality trout fishing on many Irish rivers and lakes.

Loughs Agency have a separate angling website and a new angling app on Android and iOS which is an essential pocket guide for every angler in the Foyle and Carlingford regions of Ireland. It includes information on fishing methods, licence and permit distributors, species, best times to fish, and much more. It also features over 270 angling hotspots packed with useful tips and photographs which can be used at home or on the river bank.