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Fishery Officers seize nets and fish under attack

21 July 2014
Loughs Agency Conservation and Protection staff seized the nets and fish in an operation one night last week in the upper river Foyle. The large number of fish lost is of significant regret to the Loughs Agency staff.

The number of fish caught in illegal nets is not unusual, and Fisheries Officers make continued efforts in all conditions to release fish from the nets when they are seized.

However on this occasion our Fishery Officers came under sustained stoning attack from poachers and their associates on the shore and had to board the net with the fish in it quickly to ensure their own safety.

Loughs Agency Fishery Officers continue to apprehend persons illegally fishing and seize illegal nets and other equipment.

Loughs Agency can only protect this valuable resource with the help of the public and rivers users if you can help identify any person illegally catching salmon, buying, selling or transporting salmon please help.

Loughs Agency staff are aware that some of the persons involved are violent individuals and will guarantee anonymity to anyone who contacts us on 07736374134 with information.

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