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Environmental Monitoring Systems

The Agency operates a multi-disciplinary monitoring programme which includes water chemistry testing, biological stock assessments and also some physical assessment of the sea loughs in terms of their hydrodynamics.

The water quality monitoring is carried out by old fashioned water sampling using sampling officers who collect water samples and perform laboratory testing however more modern electronic sampling equipment is also used to supplement these results. One such device is our environmental monitoring systems that are located in both Carlingford Lough and Lough Foyle.

These systems are composed of electronic instruments that collect water quality information such as water temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, turbidity and chlorophyll-a fluorescence. These instruments record this information automatically every 15 minutes, 365 days a year. Weekly data reports are published for free online and sent to a range of interested parties to keep them up to date with changes in the water environment.

This information is freely available and can be downloaded for specified use through the Agency’s website address below. These systems are maintained by the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute in Belfast under contract to the Agency.

  • Lough Foyle North
  • Lough Foyle South
  • Carlingford Lough North
  • Carlingford Lough South

Click here for map and data for Lough Foyle (and Strangford Lough).

Click here for more information about the environmental monitoring programme. The linked web-site aims to provide up-to-date data on coastal water quality acquired from a network of remotely moored monitoring stations that send data to a base station at DARD through GSM modem links.