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Coarse Angling

Coarse angling involves fishing for all other species of freshwater fish. Typically coarse fish are returned unharmed to the water.

Because coarse anglers normally release their fish alive, coarse angling does not require the same amount of re-stocking as other forms of angling. You can enjoy coarse fishing all year round in Northern Ireland which has long been recognized as one of Europe’s best regions for the coarse angler. Irish coarse species are amongst the best and healthiest that you can fish for. They are always in excellent condition and by using the correct methods you can ensure big bags are just a few casts away. Ireland has fishing to suit the recreational angler, the specimen hunter, the specialist angler and the match man.

Loughs Agency have a separate angling website and a new angling app on Android and iOS which is an essential pocket guide for every angler in the Foyle and Carlingford regions of Ireland. It includes information on fishing methods, licence and permit distributors, species, best times to fish, and much more. It also features over 270 angling hotspots packed with useful tips and photographs which can be used at home or on the river bank.