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On a day to day basis the Loughs Agency staff engage with a wide range of other bodies, both statutory and non-statutory. These can include:

  • Local authorities
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • National Roads Authority
  • Government Departments
  • Other Fisheries Boards
  • Angling Clubs
  • NGOs
  • Office of Public Works
  • National Parks and Wildlife Service
  • Marine Institute
  • Fisheries Conservancy Board, Northern Ireland
  • Environment and Heritage Service, Northern Ireland
  • Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure, Northern Ireland.

The public’s role

The public play an essential role in the protection of the aquatic environment. This role primarily relates to the reporting of incidents of water pollution and interference in freshwater habitat. Should you see something suspicious, or anyone illegally fishing, please contact our 24 hour response line on 02871 342100.

Handling and Sale of Wild Salmon or Sea Trout

At the Loughs Agency we spend a great deal of time and money on anti-poaching patrols to ensure that our salmon stocks are protected. Poaching salmon is obviously illegal, but there are also offences relating to handling and selling these fish. Foyle and Carlingford legislation makes it an an offence to handle illegally caught salmon or sea trout Prosecution for these offences could result in large fines and orr even imprisonment. If you do suspect that fish are being handled and/or traded illegally we would very much like to hear from you, and will treat all information in strict confidence.