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Bursary Scheme


Loughs Agency Bursary Scheme

The Loughs Agency Bursary Scheme provides financial support to students and allows them to improve their personal and professional development and gain critical experiences through work placements relevant to their future career.

About the Bursary Programme

If you’re working towards a career in conservation, protection, management, promotion and development of fisheries and marine resources or IT, spending 10 months on a placement with us will help you get a better understanding of the disciplines that interest you the most. You’ll be able to build and develop the skills you need for a successful long-term career and gain valuable experience to add to your CV.  We will give you plenty of support along the way to achieve your goals.

As part of your 10 month placement you can expect a formal induction, formal training, on-the-job experience, real projects, liaison with a range of clients and a dedicated line manager who will mentor you to help you identify and reach your goals.

Flexibility will be considered with regard to duration and start date of placements.

There are a limited number of bursaries available and the payment of bursaries shall always be subject to budget constraints.

Support available

Financial support of up to £6,000 is provided by Loughs Agency. For placement opportunities of 10 months this will be spread evenly over the placement duration.  Financial support for placements of a lesser duration will be reduced to reflect the duration accordingly.  The Queen’s University & Santander SME Internship Support may provide an additional £1,000 however this is available to Queen’s University students only.

Payment of a bursary will be made by BACS into your account on a monthly basis.  The amount issued is non-negotiable.

How and when to apply

Our selection process aims to ensure we recruit the best people on to our bursary program and we hope it will offer you the opportunity to showcase your talents and really shine!  It’s important to us that you have a good experience, one which you will learn from and hopefully enjoy.

Once the application deadline has passed, Loughs Agency will consider all the applications received and will let you know if you have been successful by e-mail no later than 21 working days following competition close date. Loughs Agency will not return your application form to you. You are therefore advised to keep a copy.  Applicants who are successful in passing this first stage will then be invited to attend a short panel interview.

If you have been placed on a reserve list Loughs Agency may consider your application at a subsequent time during the scheme.

Data held is subject to Loughs Agency Data Protection Policy and will be treated accordingly.

If you provide incorrect or incomplete information, or if you fail to complete the work placement, or you do not in fact meet the eligibility criteria for a bursary, or you otherwise do anything which might bring Loughs Agency into disrepute, without prejudice Loughs Agency may terminate its agreement with you with immediate effect and will not pay any money to you and/or may require you to return any money already paid to you.

The application process for 2019/20 is now closed. Applications for the 2020/21 academic year will be advertised October 2019.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for alerts.

Health and Safety

Students participating in work placement as part of this scheme are expected to familiarise themselves with the health and safety processes in order to ensure their personal safety and well-being.

Loughs Agency provides Public Liability insurance cover up to a value of £10,000,000.

Further information

If you have any questions or require further information, you can contact the Human Resource Officer who is responsible for managing the scheme for which you are applying. Contact details as follows:

Siobhan McCarron

02871 342 100 ext. 202