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@ Riverwatch

Riverwatch invites you and your pupils to investigate and explore the wonderful wetlands of the Foyle catchment.

Riverwatch captures the journey of the river, the essence of the local environment and the variety of life through aquarium tanks, local video footage and displays.

At Riverwatch there are 8 different local habitats represented in the aquarium tanks which hold a great variety of native species. We have lobster, crabs, starfish, coalfish, blennies and lots of other unusual marine fish and crustaceans in our lough, deep sea and seashore tanks. There are salmon, sticklebacks, minnows, roach and other freshwater fish in the stream, lake, river, canal and pond tanks. The tanks are an excellent visual resource and a window to a wonderful underwater world. Educational activity packs have been developed to help pupils engage and understand these habitats and their inhabitants.

The duration of a visit in the centre can vary from 30 mins to 2 hours depending on the age, ability and interests of the group. Visits can be extended by incorporating one of our workshops:

  • Marine Discovery
  • Water Beasts
  • Biodegrading challenge
  • Fish Dissection
  • Riverwatching (bird watching activity – partly outdoors)
  • Tour of the working building
  • Map Work

The visitor centre is the perfect place for a fun, but educational, trip. There are no costs or admission charges, it’s weatherproof, there are activity packs that link perfectly with the curriculum and your group visit will be guided by one of our education staff.