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Advisory Forum

The Advisory Forum is made up of almost 50 representatives either from the Lough Foyle or Carlingford Lough area or who are involved in a stakeholder interest group. Areas of interest include Shellfish, Draft Netsmen, Drift Netsmen, Anglers, Fishery Owners, Tourism, Water/Sewerage, Industry, Council/Government, Port/Harbour, Environmentalists, Forestry and Agriculture.

The Forum plays a key role in advising the Loughs Agency on important issues whether they be commercial, recreational or otherwise. The Forum was originally set up in February 2000 as a means of consulting with our customers. With the new membership being appointed in 2013. The varied backgrounds and interests of the members brings a wide range of views and concerns to the issues the Agency has to address which ensures holistic solutions could be developed.

An important part of the role is being able to advise the Loughs Agency but an equally important part is for the representative interest groups to go back and inform their local community and peers about the work of the Loughs Agency.

Members are divided up into various Focus Groups and meet approximately six times each year and include the following areas:

  • Salmon & Inland Fisheries;
  • Environmental;
  • Marine Tourism including Water Based Leisure;
  • Aquaculture & Shellfisheries