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5 Illegal Nets Seized in the Foyle Area

Over the last week Loughs Agency Fishery Officers have seized 5 nets which were illegally operating across the Foyle Area. Two of these nets were discovered with adult Atlantic salmon illegally caught in them. The illegal nets were seized across a range of rivers in the Foyle Area, highlighting the dangers to fish life throughout the system and the importance of ongoing proactive patrols to combat illegal netting.

Seized net

Loughs Agency would advise all anglers and members of the public to be on the lookout for signs of illegal poaching activity at this time of year. The value of accurate and timely information from members of the public who report instances of suspected illegal poaching activity or pollution cannot be overstated. Information may be passed directly to local Loughs Agency on 00 44 28 7134 2100 or by using the Waterwatch App.

Loughs Agency – Protecting the Fishery

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